Sunday, January 17, 2010

You know you're an entrepreneur when...

It's 1:42am on a Sunday night.

I'm sitting in my mesh task chair and blogging. Why? Because I decided to sleep in my new office. Spent most of the last 2 weeks acquiring furniture and arguing with utility companies to work on the schedule of an entrepreneur.

I'm not awake because of stress or a cumbersome workload. I'm awake because I'm excited for Monday. Wait... I'm excited for Monday? Isn't Monday suppose to be the day everyone dreads because it means work? I'm excited for the morning to come and work to begin. This really is strange.

Life as an entrepreneur is demanding and stressful at best. For some reason, I still love it.

Looking ahead - Monday is going to be a great day. I'll hear back on 2 major deals, go to the ad agency to check out some logos, and gear up for another exciting week. Life as an entrepreneur certainly has its ups and downs - but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Even though certain financial constraints are looming overhead and my age continues to work against me with a select group of people - life is good - and we must all keep dreaming big. Unconventional has become the new norm - and success is right around the corner.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Follow this rule

I owe you an apology. It's been far too long since my last post.

Since my last blog I've planned, hosted, and executed an entrepreneurship expo, been in a car accident, and started a new company.

Today I write from the Business Centre at the Delta Halifax in beautiful Nova Scotia. I'm reminded of how lucky I am.

In a world where instant gratification has bcome one of the most popular sources of "happiness" it's amazing anyone smiles. It's easy to get down on ourselves and let the seemingly big (but actually small) issues affect our mood and composure. We are lucky to live in a world with endless freedom, unlimited possibilities, and immense potential to succeed.

I caught myself complaining the other day. I was complaining about little issues that had no significance in the long-run. It's rediculously easy to get caught up in these issues and even easier to seek some type of social sympathy. I believe that we are in control of what happens to us and of what doesen't. It turns out, that almost 100% of the things I was complaining about could have been avoided if I had just been proactive.

My lesson for the day: and hopefully for a lifetime

"Pay Attention to what Your Pretending Not To Notice"

As humans we are programmed and designed to avoid those things which cause us stress, pain, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Although this is a great design to have when it comes to touching the burner on the stove-top it is not so good when it comes to day-to-day issues. The fact of the matter is: the more we avoid the little issues, the bigger they become. It's not all that hard to see a little issue (the ant) become overbearing (King Kong).

If we pay attention to those things that we are pretending we aren't noticing. Whether a paper that needs written, a letter of apology for a screw-up, or anything else our lives will be much happier.

I must now go and pay attention to a few things I've been avoiding.

Seize the day, my friends.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You will be motivated in 2 minutes and 19 seconds

No comments necessary: The Title is Self Explanatory. 
Watch this video! 

See, I told you. 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whatever it takes.

It's 334 am. It's been a 90 hour workweek. I did the "impossible" this week: Move my 21,000 square foot market in only 6 days. Throughout the process I learned a lot. The biggest occurance to me was: If you have the right support network and team anything can be accomplished.

When all favours had been called, and I was left with an immense workload, a limited timeframe, and very little hope. So what did I do? I called the local shelter and offered more than minimum wage to come help load trucks. What did I get? Some of the hardest working, honest, and trustworthy people I'd ever met. As I write - they are unloading the last truck of the night into storage. I was truly amazed.

What's more than that: My very good friend Henry (who I truly believe is the hardest working person on the face of the planet) came up in full force to help me every step of the way. You truly know your friends when you need help the most. With nothing wanted in return he helped conquer the everst of the day. All the money in the world couldn't repay him for all he (and his family) have done for me. And while I think his wife may be less than impressed with me: regardless of how many times I begged him to go home and sleep, he was with me until the bitter end.

No money in the world is worth as much as one ture friend. When expectations are exceeded: it's an amazing experience that revitalizes hope in my entrepreneurial spirit.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A pulse, a roof, and determination

Things can go from great to terrible in a split second. Maybe you lost your biggest client, your spouse left you, you have to declare bankruptcy, or you got fired.

All is not lost.

As long as you've got a pulse: the opportunities are endless. Don't look at it as bad (I lost my job, my life is over) put a positive spin on it and ask yourself why is this a good thing (I lost my job, and now I get to travel where I want, start my own business, and have the freedom I've been craving for years). As long as you have some type of roof over your head - you'll be fine!

Failure leads to success. But only if you don't give up. A great quote "If you can find a path with no obstacles - it probably doesn’t lead anywhere"

So chin up, morn whatever the loss is, and start chasing down those opportunities!

Almost every successful person I know experienced an immense amount of failure and rejection before they finally forged-through to their successful life. The difference between those who win in life and those who lose is determination. The only person who can make you fail is you. Are you going to give up or push-forward?

Every day I'm faced with rejection, criticism, and failure. People love to tell me what I've done wrong, why I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing, and how I should change to please other people. No thanks. I choose to take the criticism, failure, and rejection to heart and then find a way to prove those people wrong (bitter, aren't I). Speaking from experience though, it feels great to do something no one but you said was possible.

So whether you've got millions or a negative balance in your bank account - brush yourself off and find the opportunities (or create them if you can't find them), take a leap of faith (your only gambling on yourself), and get what you want out of life. NOW!

Stop reading now - go seize the day.

Seriously, why are you still reading?

Your wasting a lot of time here.

Jump up and go - off the computer - into the real world.

Success is yours for the taking - so reach out and grab it before someone else does.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cave for Corporate or Endure for Entrepreneurship

Had an interesting day that brought a lot of interesting questions to my mind.

In a world full of opportunities and endless possibilities should we adapt ourselves to get ahead for other people (employers) or should we stay true to ourselves, take the hits, and make our own rules as we go.

I face a lot of criticism because of my "serial entrepreneur" habits. I come and go on projects on a daily basis. However, I believe that this is one of the things that helps keep my dream alive.

Just yesterday I had one of my best friends in the world tell me (that after 10 years of entrepreneurship and dedication) that business isn't for me. The justification on this statement was based on the fact that I am not willing to sacrifice principals, values, and beliefs in order to satisfy others. I was taken-aback with this statement and got to thinking about how disconnected we can become from who we are in the chase for the mighty dollar.

If you've read my blog before, you know that I feel very strongly about being ourselves.

Professionalism and dedication are not optional but being brainwashed and disconnected is. There is no amount of money or material goods that could convince me to change the way I believe things should be done for the way someone else does. I believe in customer service, respect, and leaving everyone and every place better than it was found.

Staying true to myself and standing up for what I believe in has cost me a lot of money and even some friends. But then again who wants money that was earned being someone we're not and who wants friends who don't support who we really are. Besides, I would rather work for or with a company or clients who values individuality, creativity, and diversity. People hire us for who we are. Do you stay true to who you are?

My thought is this: Be who you are because if you loose the job, the client, or the friend - you will never let yourself down and can rest easy knowing that you did what was right.

Best wishes for success: don't cave - stay strong!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

In Times of Challenge

Just a thought for next time you face a challenge that is particular difficult to overcome.

In life

When we are tired we must be energetic
When were discouraged we must be optimistic
When we hurt we must be invincible
When we are scared we must be brave
When we can barely walk we must run
When we are at our worst - we must be our best

For that is true greatness